Lalou’s knowledge and skill as an acupuncturist has literally given me my life back. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder in which he provided hope, encouragement and continued improvement with each treatment. It was a year long process and my neurologist was astounded! I continue to use Lalou’s services to this day for many different health…more

September 24, 2013, Michelle was Lalou’s client
Dave Somerset

Lalou is not just an excellent practitioner but a very caring and skilled healer.
He is a great resource and a trusted council.

Dave Somerset

September 24, 2013, Dave was Lalou’s client
John Maihos, SPHR

I have known Lalou in two ways. First as a member of Kiwanis, a community service organization where he and I both gave our time to help local children. In that environment, Lalou has a big heart and is very generous.

I also benefited from Lalou’s great talent and an acupuncturist. When I was suffering from severe back pain, Lalou was able to bring me through some…more

September 24, 2013, John was Lalou’s client
Sandy Marcus

In have seen Lalou for a variety of ailments, including frequent migraines. Through regular sessions and herbal remedies I have been free of all acute conditions and free of migraines

Lalou is competent, efficient and an expert in his field.

A very thorough, caring doctor. I recommend him and speak of him often to all my acquitances. My husband and I hold him the highest regard. He is always there to help.

September 23, 2013, Roberta was Lalou’s client
Jim Ventresca

Owner, AcuPracticeâ„¢ Seminars: Teaching Acupuncture to Healthcare Professionals

Lalou is a gifted acupuncturist. His clear insight and diagnostic skills, are a perfect complement to his skillful choice of treatments. His kind and compassionate bedside manner is also worthy of note, as is his technical ability as a practitioner. I heartily recommend Lalou.

Joan McDuff

he is very knowledgeable and knows a great deal about handling cancer patients. I would highly recommend him.

September 23, 2013, Joan was Lalou’s client

Thomas Evans

Technician at Soltec Ventures / Rare Earth Products

Lalou has helped me tremendously over the past year. I have come to trust his judgment in providing holistic health care to me (acupuncture)
The long term benefits have been unbelievable. In addition to treating pain I have sustained from various injuries, acupuncture has allowed my body to heal. I am glad to have found him and look forward to my treatments

September 23, 2013, Thomas was Lalou’s client